Why You Should Stop Binge Drinking

Saying something like, “Well, that’s my one drink for the night,” might help your loved one remember their own limit. If you’re having a hard time shifting your focus from internal to external, consider the quality of your inner self-talk. Dissect and challenge those worries with more realistic thoughts. The truth is other people are … Читать далее

Romantic Relationships in Recovery; The Dos and Donts

There are different opinions on when and how to disclose your recovery status. Some people believe it’s important to be completely upfront and let others know that you are a person in recovery during your very first encounter. Others take the position that it is best to see how the relationship develops and use http://www.cinemahome.ru/film.aspx?id=1342&pagepart=1 … Читать далее

How Long Does Cocaine Stay in Your System

And the longer it stays within the system, the more it can damage the organs within it. It’s LD50 (the measure of a drug’s lethality) is lower than that of cocaine https://ecosoberhouse.com/article/relation-between-alcohol-and-dementia/ and carries an 18 to 25-fold increased risk of immediate death compared to coke. And when it comes to cocaethylene, these impacts can … Читать далее

Sober Living Homes in New York City, NY NY

These privately run homes allow you to invest in your own recovery. Some houses require prospective residents to Abstinence Violation an overview undergo a medically-assisted detox program. Most homes will mandate the person has stayed clean for some time. Sober living houses offer residents a chance to live their every day lives in a semi … Читать далее